小さい草分け的ブランドからスタートしたソウルサーフィンクルーの歴史は素晴らしいものであった。なかでも社会貢献に積極的に参加。“GIVE SOME ALOHA BACK”をモットーに2007年に行った“Cook Rice, Not Ice / アイス(クリスタルメス)じゃなく、米を食え”ステッカーを3万枚を無料配布したプロモーション活動は広く知られている。まだまだ小さな存在ですがクリーンで強く、自然に対して謙虚でリスペクトし今後も社会貢献活動やサーファーなど全力でサポートし続けていく。

The soulsurfingcrew brand was launched in '94 in the small town of Kailua, on the island of Oahu. The concept of the brand and the inspiration driving it's creation are the surfers who ride the outside reef breaks of Kailua. These outside spots are a good 3/4 to a mile out from the beach and known for the big fish who roam and protect these areas. It's all about knowing when the surf is going off, knowing the best conditions, having the respect needed and paddling out. That's the lifestyle and the feeling behind the brand image. Just going for it and paddling out to an outside, secluded wave, with no one else, except for your crew. How much more core can it get than that. No contest, no camera men, no prizes....just soul surfing. Just you, God, friends, waves and fish, nothing else man.

The legion of surfers whom the brand is based on, are truly amazing friends and truly special, wonderful people. Thanks to their love, friendship and support, soulsurfingcrew has grown to have a global following. The feeling of paddling out into the line up at these magical spots with just your friends, seeing smiley faces and experiencing true aloha is priceless. That's what surfing is about, and that's what life's about. Sharing with your friends, some waves and happiness, in this short humble lifetime.

The journey as a small grass roots brand has been fantastic. The ability to do whatever we want to do, come up with whatever design we want to print, support any cause we want , has been awesome. The freedom, as a result of not being tied to a giant corporate machine, has been the funnest part of growing up as a brand. Just an example, in 2007 we printed and gave out for free, 30,000 "cook rice not ice" decals in our grass roots fight against crystal meth. That's what it's about, believe in a cause, say something, do something, speak out and be heard. So, that's the kind of freedom we have enjoyed being on the smaller end of the brand food chain. soulsurfingcrew is just about living clean and strong. live your life to the fullest, no regrets. Give respect where it's deserved and be humbled by nature. Take care of yourself and others around you, like your family and friends. Take care of the ocean and the earth.